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post your myspace page
get new pep's on your myspace
notes from weirdfate
cant access forum??
cant get in with your username and password? check here
register/Q &A/Rules
you need to be registered and loged in to view the entire forum Please read the rules/Q&A
read them
valid email
you need to provide a valid email address
java apps/cdma/iden/
iden java apps(i730,i880,i830 ect.)
post any iden only java apps here
cdma java apps(ic502,ic902,ic402 ect.)
post any cdmaapps here
how to
set up MPT
here is how to set up mpt
how to use DB Power amp
discription on how to use DB Power amp
How to use PVConverter3
here is how to usePVConverter3
MPT adding/deleting
showing you how to load and remove from phone
ring tones
post any ring tones you have made that WORK
please post wether its for iden or cdma
when posting the paper please let us know what size it is
new phones

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