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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.
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i am nextel :)
<marquee>i am nextel :)</marquee>

phone: Ive Got A Sextel

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Easy Guide On How To Use This Forum.

Q. Do i have to join, and does it cost anything and will i get loads of spam emails Question

A.To view any other topics in this forum registration is required.

No it costs you nothing to join now or in the furture this site is Free with no downloads, no spyware and no adware. Your email address is safe and will not be passed on to any other companies or 3rd partys or Members, you will recieve no emails from this site unless you have clicked the box in your profile wishing to be notified of replys to your post.
the only email you will get forced to you is the activation email.

Q. Im lost and cant find my way around Question
A. The easiest way I find to find your way around is to always go back to the main page you can do this by clicking the †Forum Index link it is at the top of the page, or just click the Forum Index button at the very top of the page.

Each room has threads each thread has posts. You have to remember that this is not a chatroom but a forum so you have to refresh the pages yourself by pressing the refresh key or F5 key on your keyboard.

Q. I want to start talking how do I do this Question
A. If you wanted to talk about anything then goto general chat then click on a link you want to read then post a reply or just click new topic and start a new one.

Q. How do I reply to a post or start a new topic Question
A. There is a new topic button and a reply button in each thread just click on it.

Q. How do I know if I have post to read Question
A. At the front of all threads is a light system which is explain at the bottom of the main page You can also click on the name under last post and this will take you to the last post posted in that thread or room

Q. I want to talk to someone but donít want anyone else to see it Question
A. send them a pm you can do this by clicking on the you have no new message link or by clicking on the persons name and then the pm link, To use pm just type in their name (or do a search for it) and write them your message then submit. Please remember to delete all Inbox and Delivered messages regularly as this can slow things down, Do not delete your SENTBOX as messages sit in there until the person has read them then they will be moved to your Delivered box, if you delete them they will not get them.

Q. Why cant I edit my post or delete it Question
A.Only the Mods and Admin are allowed to do this for you, just speak to one of them

Q. Are we allowed to leave links on here Question
A.Yes of course you can but please remember that any link deemed to be unsuitable will be deleted (E.G sex links virus links) by theAdmin or Mods , and no links are allowed in the Welcome thread.

Q. Can i post pictures on here if so how Question
A. Yes you can post pictures, all you need is an uploader like photobucket Click HereIt is 100% free to join and use and does not have a trail period,upload your photo there then go to your album and copy and paste the bottom line the IMG line making sure you have the whole line or just email them to the Admin. The other and most easier way is to click on the attach file link which will add your image for you and then store that image in this forum`s photo gallery.

Q.How can I tell who is a Mod Question And how do i contact them Question
A. At the bottom of the main page are the names of the people who are on line if they are blue they are Members, Dark Blue are Mods, Red are Admin . Also at the bottom of each thread it gives the names of the Mods. If you need to contact one of the Admin or Mods click on their name under the threads and leave them a pm.

Q. Im being harassed or someoneís post is hurtful what can I do Question
A.As we are all mainly adults on here some posts maybe not to your liken, speak to one of the Mods or Admin about your cconcern. NO form of harassment is allowed on here again speak to the Admin about this; it would be better to pm them and say which room the thread is in and by whom.

Q. How can I tell who is on line and where they are Question
A.On the main page at the bottom you will see who is on line if you click on the who is on line link it will show you which room they are in.

Q. How do I change my picture or details Question
A. Goto the PROFILE link on top of the page you can change everything there, except for your username you will have to ask the Admin to do that for you.

Q. If I cant find an answer to my question in here what should I do Question
A.Speak to any Mod or Admin or any Member they might just be able to help.

Q. Is this site monitored 24/7 by the,Mods, Admin Question
A. No of course not but im always lurking till the early hours so you be careful Twisted Evil

Guide courstesy Of HOWTODOIT © Symon Field


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This forum is locked: you cannot post, reply to, or edit topics.This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.

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